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Polyurethane Screen

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  Our company is specialized in making stainless steel Polyurethane Screen
products.Our goods are very popular in the market and Very competitive in the   international market. 
   Polyurethane steel wire mesh (wrapped wire stock wire mesh top filters)
The material has the appearance, bright, light weight, high mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation and corrosion resistance, excellent weather resistance without the second decoration, color and diverse.
1, high tensile strength, tear strength, excellent wear resistance, good elasticity, compression set small, long life.
2, and base metal combined with strong, not easy to layer and drop off.
3, surface finish, dimensional stability.
  High strength composite mesh, are screening equipment technical field, used to solve ordinary screen of low intensity and short life problems. It up to the Internet and support network, and its improvement is, the Internet is a metal mesh, top filters for polyurethane top filters, the polyurethane top filters located under the metal mesh, which intersects the vertical and horizontal grid, its latitude and longitude are formed by steel wire rope and polyurethane surface. These improvements give the utility differs from the performance of ordinary metal mesh. It has high strength, stiffness and load capacity, and effectively reduces vibration noise, improved screen life. Screening device that can be made into various shapes of the utility, especially for magnetic excitation of high frequency vibrating screen. Can be widely applied in many industries screening, filtering, dehydration, desliming operating.
Applied to metallurgy, coal, chemical, construction and many other sectors of vibration sieve, bulk material fine screening, dry sieving can be. Can be used for classification of corrosive materials.
The advantages of polyurethane sieve-plate
1, long life, large carrying capacity.
2, high screening efficiency. Screen surface self-clean performance, do not plug holes, high screening efficiency.
3, the application of a wide range of professional suitability is stronger.
4, screening and high accuracy.
5, low noise, noise standards consistent with national specifications.
6, significant economic benefits.
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