Polyurethane Screen

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Our company specialises in the production of wear-resistant screens, as well as engineering innovative and versatile fastening methods for modular and tensioned screening ystems.The unique polyurethane tensioned screens with Superflow apertures allow users to maximise screening efficiency in every situation.

Polyurethane Screens from Gap Technology are designed with precision to be readily substituted for Wire Screens in the Mining and Quarrying industry.
Polyurethane elastomer and abrasion-resistant rubber afford the highest protection against wear and tear. Polyurethane Screens made from these materials are longer lasting and reduce noise and are self-cleaning. Their modular layout and conical openings prevent the screen from clogging and they are very suitable for wet sorting and dewatering.

Our industry standard cost effective, long lasting polyurethane / modular screens can be produced to fit individual requirements, equipment size and location.
These type of polyurethane screens are the best solution for mining, sand and gravel screening, compost/wood chip processing and aggregate-ore processing as they offer a similar open area ratio of woven wire screens but the polyurethane screens coating means that they last up to five times longer than steel meshes.

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