​Polyurethane screen

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Polyurethane screen is also called Wrapped wire stranding core wire welding net supporting network,developed by resd star polyurethane screen co.,ltd. The polyurethane screen has the following features: beautiful and artistic; Bright color; light in weight; High mechanical strength; heat insulation; sound insulation; corrosion preventive; Excellent weatherability; Don't decorate two times, Moreover, the color diversity.
Generally speaking:the polyurethane screen is High strength composite screen mesh,belong toScreening equipment technical field,used to solve General screen Solve the problem of short service life.The excellent performance of the improved with the utility model is different from the ordinary screen.polyurethane screen have very high strength and bearing capacity,and can be effectively reduce vibration noise,to improve the service life of the screen.The polyurethane screen Can be widely used in many industries: sieving、filtrate、dewatering etc.
The polyurethane screen has the following advantages:1, long service life, large carrying capacity.
                                                                               2, high screening efficiency. Screen surface self-cleaning  performance, no blocking holes, high screening efficiency.
                                                                               3, for a wide range of professional applicability stronger, applicable to any type of shaker and machine production.
                                                                               4, high screening accuracy.
                                                                               5, the work of low noise, in line with national standards of environmental noise standards.
                                                                               6, significant economic benefits.

The polyurethane screen used to metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, construction and many other departments.If you are interested in our products, Pls Get in Touch with Us.We shall appreciate it very much.You can come to our company or factory visit, we will be very happy.
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