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Perforated metal products is our leading industry. We have high quality products, reasonable price and thoughtful service to obtain a wide acceptance of the industry, has become one of the leading enterprises in the industry.

Our company specializing in the production of punching net factory, round hole net, punching plate, stainless steel punching net, galvanized steel punching net, aluminum plate punching net, square hole punching net.

Perforated Metal can take many shapes with numerous choices of perforations. The perforating process is perfectly adaptable to provide surprisingly satisfying design solutions, enhancing the look as well as the performance. Perforated components make products work better with holes that function several ways. Perforated metal parts work more efficiently because the perforating process is so adaptable to the designer’s requirements for perforations and their placement, material specifications and the shape of the finished part.


Material of Perforated metal  : low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum magnesium alloy plate.
Perforated metal can finish various coatings to enhance its appearance or increase its life expectancy. Porous metal is a highly sustainable material because it lasts for several generations without the need to be replaced.

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