​Flat Top Crimp Mesh

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Flat top crimp mesh

 Flat top crimp mesh, also called pressed crimp mesh, is made from round and profiled plain weave wire. All the mesh knuckles is being on the underside. The structure is very heavy and durable. The smooth surface is the characteristic of the weaving method. This structure can allow the materials to move more freely over the screen. It is widely used in the vibrating screen.

The flat top crimp is made of high quality is a manufacturing in Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal . It has various weaving method, such as the double crimped, flat top crimped, intermediate crimped and lock crimped. The flat top crimped  wire mesh has square opening and rectangle opening, which has different wire diameters and applications.The pre-crimped weaving method can assure the accurate open area and make the structure stability and smooth.The flat top crimped  wire mesh has various applications.

The heavy duty flat top crimped  wire cloth can be used as vibrating screen in the mining, coal, crusher and other industries. The light flat top crimped n wire mesh with thinner wire diameter and small opening size can be used as Grilled Wiremesh, pig feeding, protective fences for the equipment and stairs.

1. The materials: Stainless steel, iron wire, black steel wire, lead wire, white steel wire, brass wire, copper wire and etc
2. Wire diameter: 1.0-12mm
3. Mesh:3~60mesh
4. Weaving Method: Double oriented crimped, plain proff crimped double crimped, lock crimped, crimped after weave.
5. Packing: according to customers requirement

The features of  flat top crimp mesh :
  Forming beauty, heat, acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, stable wide solid structure.

The applications of flat top crimp mesh :
1. Applications: used in food,mining,chemical,pharmaceutical,petroleum,metallurgy,machinery,protection,construction,handicrafts and other industries.etc
2.  widely used in pig-breeding net, petroleum, glass factory, mine, mine factory and hardware products. Meantime this kind of product is usually used as barbecue grill wire netting. Some galvanized crimped wire mesh and stainless steel crimped wire mesh are for roasting of flour food and meat.

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