Screen Cloth

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In practice, I have determined that the per 33 cent open area for vision in the plane of the major surfaces of the horizontal members of my screen cloth is approximately 95 per cent, while the open area for vision in ordinary commercial screening is only about 75 per cent.

   Other modes of applying the principle of my invention may be employed instead of those explained, cnange being made as regards the manufacture herein disclosed, provided the means stated by any of the following claims or the equivalent of such stated means be employed.

   I therefore particularly point out and distinctly claim as my invention: 1. In an insect screen capable of substantially excluding the passage therethrough of direct Sunlight, fixed substantially parallel members having an elongated cross-section throughout their length, spaced apart less than about 0.10 inch, the major surfaces of said members being Inclined to the plane of the screen, said members being spaced apart less than twice the width thereof.

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