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  • Stainless Steel Shale Shaker Screen

    ​We can produce all kinds of wire and wire mesh products according to the customers request.
  • The main and good features of Perforated Metal

    The main and good features of Perforated Metal

    Perforated material is our key product. We are acknowledged as one of the leading manufacturers in this industry due to our high quality products, reasonable price as well as our considerate service..
  • Redsatar Wedge wire screen

    Redsatar Wedge wire screen

    Wedge-shaped mesh filter with stainless steel wedge wire welding screen, the main filter plate, basket, filter and other products.
  • Perforated Metal

    Perforated Metal

    Perforated metal products is our leading industry. We have high quality products, reasonable price and thoughtful service to obtain a wide acceptance of the industry, has become one of the leading enterprises in the industry.
  • Perforated Metal

    Perforated Metal

    Perforated Metal is very strong and has an aesthetic appearance
  • Redstar woven wire screen

    Redstar woven wire screen

    The woven wire screen is a screen surface in which wires are interwoven with each other to form a mesh.Woven wire mesh also called woven wire cloth.
  • ​Polyurethane Screen

    ​Polyurethane Screen

    Polyurethane is a completely new high molecular synthetic material, with a high strength and tensile between plastic and rubber.
  •    Triangle self-cleaning screens

    Triangle self-cleaning screens

    While the screen mesh structure and can minimize the stone and the sieve points of contact, to reduce the occurrence of plugging.
  • Redstar perforated metal

    Redstar perforated metal

    Perforated metal mesh is the same material marked with different shapes on the hole, to adapt to different needs.
  • ​Polyurethane screen

    ​Polyurethane screen

    The advantage of polyurethane Screen have long operational life span , high efficient , Widely applicate , high precision ,low noise and yield good economic returns.
  •  The Lock Crimp Mesh

    The Lock Crimp Mesh

    This makes the lock crimp wire cloth a very hearty stainless steel screen mesh.
  • Stainless Steel Rectangular Screen

    Stainless Steel Rectangular Screen

    Our company has good reputation.,And the credit standing is also the important point for our future business. Please rest assured that the quality is the soul of our factory.
  • Polyurethane screen mesh

    Polyurethane screen mesh

    Our annual business screen products,Product quality is guaranteed, A very hot product is a modular polyurethane screen。Very much favored by foreign customers
  • Stainless Steel Screen Mesh

    Stainless Steel Screen Mesh

    Every Major Wire screen media solution is available in a stainless steel wire option that holds up better against highly abrasive material and protects against severe blinding and clogging problems.
  • Perforated Metal

    ​we’ve been supplying customers metal used for safety maintenance, manufacturing consumption, and fabrication work.
  • New Catalog Available

    New Catalog Available

    New Catalog Available!
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