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  • 1: Off-spec End Product:Too Many Oversize Particles

    >> Cause: 1.Screen opening too large 2.Hole or tear in screen 3.Material bypass >> Solution: 1.Select a screen with a smaller opening. 2.Replace screen 3.Check seals and gaskets. 4.Use a pretensioned screen.

  • 2: Off-spec End Product:Too Many Fines

    >> Cause: 1.Screen opening too small 2.Severely blinded screen 3.Screen overloaded >> Solution: 1.Select a screen with a larger opening. 2.See “Screen blinding” problem below. 3.Reduce feedrate.

  • 3: Low Product Yield from A Multiple-deck Screener

    >> Cause: 1.multiple-deck screener 2.Upper screen opening too small 3.Lower screen failed 4.Lower screen opening too large >> Solution: 1.See “Screen blinding” problem below. 2.Select an upper screen with a larger opening. 3.Check lower screen for holes or tears. 4.Select a lower screen with a smaller opening.

  • 4: Screen Blinding

    >> Cause: 1.Wire diameter too heavy 2.Worn sliders or balls 3.Screen blocked with material 4.Screen overloaded >> Solution: 1.Select a screen with a lighter wire diameter. 2.Check antiblinding devices and replace them as needed. 3.Clean or replace screen. 4.Reduce feedrate.

  • 5: Short Screen Life

    >> Cause: 1.Wire diameter too light 2.Improper handling 3.Screen overloaded 4.Screen corroded >> Solution: 1.Select a screen with a heavier wire diameter. 2.Use a backup screen. Add screen supports. 3.Be careful not to crease or dent screens during handling or installation. 4.Reduce feedrate. 5.Instead of stainless steel wire mesh, try alternative alloys or use a screen made of a synthetic material.

  • 6: Screen Blinding

    occurs when some or all of the screen’s open area is blocked by material. This may be caused by a too-high feedrate that dumps material onto the screen faster than the screen can operate. Or it might be caused by poor screen selection — for example, choosing a screen with too heavy a wire diameter. Or it might be caused by your material’s characteristics, such as cohesiveness. Blinding is often behind a gradual degradation in your screener’s performance — such as a drop in production quantity or product quality. Screen blinding causes fines that should pass through the screen to discharge with the oversize particles. As a result, the end product doesn’t meet specifications. For example, if blinding occurs in a fines removal application, where the end roduct   is the material that normally passes over the screen while objectionable fines pass through it, product quality can be compromised. The product’s fines content eventually will increase to the point that the particle size distribution falls outside acceptable limits. If a screen begins to blind and is left untreated, the screen will eventually become totally blinded over. At this point it’s no longer a screen; it’s simply a conveyor. Often blinding can be controlled by selecting the right equipment and options such as antiblinding devices. Common antiblinding devices are sliders (plastic rings) and balls that are installed on a coarse screen, perforated plate, or other support underneath the screen. The screener’s vibration causes the sliders or balls to contact the screen bottom, dislodging any material that might be stuck in the openings.

  • 7: What is the main products of Redstar?

    We can proide you many products,such as Heavy Crimped Wire Mesh,High Tensile Screen Cloth,Heavy Industrial Screen,Mining Screen,Mn Steel Screen,Stainless Steel Crimped Wire Mesh,Polyurethane Screen,and so on.

  • 8: May I know more information about Redstar?

    Anping Redstar Wire Mesh MFG CO.,LTD. founded in 1989 year, more than 370 employees, Mining Screen Branch is a separate exporting factory which is professional at knurling, weaving and dealing surface. We introduced sets of machines with advanced technics from Canada and Germany and export the products to developed countries such as America, the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc. Our mining screen (crimped wire mesh) stands to ISO9001 strictly, which has good surfaces and high quality. It’s flat, well-proportioned with stable structure, and it’s famous for its long-life. To fit the big competition, we improve the quality of the productions and our service system incessantly so that we have got the certificate of ISO9001 and CE. Our service credo: good quality, timely delivery, proper prices, immediate response. Our producing credo: quality is the soul of our factory, and credit standing is the key to develop ceaselessly. Sincerely, we expect to make a good relationship with you.

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