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Mesh Type RD-3

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FOB Price: US $0.8-1.8
Min.Order Quantity:200 Roll/Rolls
Supply Ability:5000 Roll/Rolls per Week
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

Material: High tensile steelwire , stainless steel wire

* high performance and excellent self cleaning,long wear-life
* More opening area
* 30% more capacity than woven wire
* Eliminates blinding and plugging
* 3 times longer wear life time than woven wire
* Minimizes down time cleaning and unclogging
* Maximizes throughput

* sand and gravel industry,
* ore preparation plants,
* mining industry
* For damp, sticky, hard-to-screen material

Mesh Type”RD-3” is the special type of mesh that mixes the "RD-1"and the "RD-2"types.
Its use is advisable when precision in the screening is needed and maximum production must be obtained.

Wire diameter: Ø0.03 mm – 12.5mm
Mesh opening: 0,02 mm – 127mm
Mesh per inch: 0.2 – 500mesh
Color: Grey/metallic
Weaving Type:Plain weave, Twill weave and Dutch weave
Package:with roll or plain

Fine Stainless Steel Screen Cloths:
Material:SS304,SS304L,SS316,SS316L,and other SS alloy.
Wire:Ø 0.03mm-1mm
Mesh per inch:1-500mesh

Thick Wire Stainless Steel Screens Cloths:
Material:SS304,SS304L,SS316,SS316L,and other SS alloy.
Wire diameter:Ø 1mm-12.5mm

>>With Polyurethane Bands

>>With Wired Bands

Material: High tensile steel wire and stainless steel wire

Type of Edge 001
Type of Edge 002
Type of Edge 003
Type of Edge 004
Type of Edge 005
Type of Edge 006
Type of Edge 007
Type of Edge 008
Type of Edge 009

Red Star Screen applies to vibrating screens for primary sieving of mine and aggregates, as well as asphalt mixer plant in road building.

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